Step into a realm of profitable investments with 77 Capital Group. We offer a diverse range of investment possibilities, extending beyond real estate, meticulously tailored to help you realize your financial goals. From residential properties to commercial developments, our curated selection ensures your investments are both rewarding and secure.

Investment strategy

At 77 Capital Group, our investment strategy is centered on your success. We begin by understanding your specific investment goals and risk tolerance, tailoring our approach to your needs. Leveraging our market insights, we identify promising multifamily real estate opportunities that align with your objectives. With personalized financing solutions and dedicated support, we empower you to invest with confidence, helping you build a prosperous real estate portfolio that reflects your financial aspirations.

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Investment options



Investing in single-family homes offers a straightforward entry point into the real estate market. These properties are typically affordable and easier to manage, making them an attractive choice for first-time investors. Single-family homes can provide stable rental income and potential for property appreciation over time. With the right research and property selection, you can create a diversified portfolio of single-family homes that offers long-term financial security.


Commercial real estate development involves more significant capital and risk, but it also offers substantial potential rewards. Engaging in commercial development means you have the opportunity to shape the landscape of a community while generating substantial rental income or profits from property sales. It's a complex field that requires careful planning, market analysis, and strong partnerships with contractors and tenants. However, successful commercial developments can yield substantial returns and play a crucial role in local economic growth.

Private Real-Estate

Private real estate investing opens doors to exclusive opportunities not typically available to the general public. These investments often involve partnerships or syndications with experienced real estate professionals. Private investments can include everything from multifamily apartment complexes to industrial properties and niche sectors like healthcare or data centers. While private real estate investments may require a higher minimum investment, they often provide access to properties with significant income potential and the benefit of professional management.

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